Congratulations on advancing to The 2019 Braille Challenge Finals! 

This Finalist Registration Packet consists of important information that you and your family need to complete and submit as you prepare for The Braille Challenge Finals weekend. 

Please make sure to complete and submit:

  • Finalist Questionnaire
  • T-shirt Order Form
  • Meal Order Form
  • Finalist Photo

All Finalist Registration Packets are due by Friday, May 31st.

If you are unable to attend The 2019 Braille Challenge Finals, please contact Matthew Beckwith no later than Monday, May 13th so that we can inform another student to fulfill the finalist spot. 

If you have any questions, please contact Matthew Beckwith, National Programs Specialist, at (323) 663-1111 ext 1215 or at

Finalist Questionnaire

T-Shirt Order Form

Each finalist will receive one complementary t-shirt to wear on Saturday, June 22nd.

If you would like to order the commemorative 2019 Braille Challenge t-shirt for other family members or guests, please indicate how many of each size you want to purchase. T-shirts are $15 each. 


Braille Institute will reach out via phone to collect payment information for commemorative t-shirts. 


Cost per t-shirt: $15

Total # of t-shirts ordered: 4

Total balance due: $60

Meal Order Form

Braille Institute will cover the costs for Saturday’s Lunch and the Awards Ceremony & Banquet Dinner for each finalist, plus up to (3) complementary guests listed by name. You may invite additional guests to be in your party, but they must be listed by name as a Paid Guest. Braille Institute will reach out to you to collect payment for all Paid Guest Meals. The cost-per-meal for paid guests is $15 for lunch and $65 for the Awards Ceremony & Banquet Dinner.

Please indicate which dinner option you want for the finalist. For complementary and paid guests, please indicate whether they will have lunch on Saturday, as well as their dinner preference.


Note: All entrees will be served with

- SALAD: Fuji Apple and Farm Slaw with Baby Striped Beets, Raspberry, Caramelized Mission Figs, Spiced Walnuts, Hearts of Fire and Micro Watercress with Star Anise Dressing


- DESSERT: Chocolate Sponge Base Topped with a Rich Chocolate Mousse Dusted with Cocoa Powder


Complementary Guest #1
Complementary Guest #2
Complementary Guest #3

Paid Guest #1
Paid Guest #2
Paid Guest #3


Braille Institute will reach out to you to collect payment for all Paid Guest meals.


# of lunches for paid guests ($15 each) = 2 x $15 = $30

# of dinners for paid guests ($65 each) = 2 x $65 = $130

Total balance due: $30 + $130 = $160

Finalist Photo

To complete registration for The 2019 Braille Challenge Finals, each Finalist must submit a photo to Matthew Beckwith at

We will be sharing photos of all the finalists throughout the weekend’s programming, per your signed photo release referenced in your Regional Permission Forms. See below for the photo criteria:

  • Use a high-resolution camera. Smart phone cameras are fine.
    • If you want to submit a specific photograph, please scan and email the digital file in jpg or png format.
  • Contestant should be centered and face forward. Smile!
  • Contestant’s head and shoulders should occupy most of the photo
  • Use a simple, solid color background. We recommend using a background color that is different from what the contestant is wearing.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. If your photo is taken outdoors, we recommend using a shaded area.

Thank you for registering for The 2019 Braille Challenge Finals! We look forward to seeing you! Please contact Matthew Beckwith, National Programs Specialist, at (323) 663-1111 ext 1215 or at