Experts discuss the latest in assistive technology to increase independence and improve daily activities for those who are blind or visually impaired

Los Angeles, January 2023 –  Braille Institute celebrates January as “Assistive Technology Month” with over 10 free educational and interactive online technology workshops featuring inspirational speakers from the field, as well as hands-on device presentations and demonstrations.

Sam Seavey, founder and creator of “The Blind Life” YouTube channel, will host a workshop on his vision loss journey having been diagnosed with an early onset form of macular degeneration. With more than 50,000 YouTube subscribers and over 700 informative videos, Sam helps people world-wide living with vision loss, offering tips for managing daily tasks, reviewing assistive devices, and hosting informative interviews with key stakeholders in the visually impaired community.

Mike May, Chief Evangelist for GoodMaps, a company that uses indoor mapping data to help people who are visually impaired navigate indoor venues like airports safely and efficiently. He will discuss the importance and need for detailed location information used inside buildings and public transportation settings. The platform and company were born out of the need for better universal and accessible navigation due to the lack of indoor digital mapping information.

“Assistive technology can be a real game changer for those who are blind or visually impaired. And the start of the new year is a great time to learn a new skill or improve the way you’re doing something,” said Phillip Reeves, Director of Client Experience at Braille Institute. Several workshops will discuss technology from providers like OrCam Technologies, BlindShell, and Fusion software by Freedom Scientific. Learn about the newest low vision devices, as well as artificial vision and computer software that promote independent living.

With Braille Institute centers now re-opened for in-person services, attendees have two options for free workshop instruction. Workshops will be conducted virtually through phone and video, enabling anyone anywhere to participate. Hybrid workshops offer on-site attendees the ability to demo the devices firsthand while simultaneously streaming to virtual attendees via Microsoft TEAMS. Anyone requiring assistance or technology training can receive free one-on-one technology help from Braille Institute’s Connection Pointe staff at any of the seven Southern California locations. We offer instruction on a variety of mainstream and adaptive technology devices. Call 1-800-BRAILLE to learn more about the workshops and services.

Full Schedule of Workshops