If you are beginning to lose your sight, you may feel scared or even hopeless.  You may wonder how you will be able to do the things you were accustomed to doing every day. Effective low vision rehabilitation services can help ease your fears and help you discover new ways to live your best life.

Low vision rehabilitation services staff will evaluate your particular needs and will work with you to develop strategies to accomplish your daily tasks.  You will learn ways to navigate your home, manage chores, use transportation, select clothes and much more.

In addition to helping you feel more comfortable and capable within your environment, low vision rehabilitation will also introduce you to assistive technology for visually impaired.  Assistive technology is using a device or piece of equipment to increase, maintain, or improve certain functional capabilities. This may further enhance your ability to handle life’s daily tasks.  If you like to read, for example, a low vision consultation can show you the most current optical and non-optical aids available to help you read.  You may benefit from a magnifier, or you may enjoy free audio book services for the blind and visually impaired.

Your low vision support may also include counseling and training.  As you gain knowledge and confidence, you will begin to conquer the challenges you face. Your overall well-being will improve as well.  Don’t allow your fears to prevent you from living because there is hope.

If you would like to start a new journey with low vision rehabilitation, find a center near you.  A facility with comprehensive services in one location will be a great place for you to start.  If you happen to live in Southern California, Braille Institute of America offers a personalized one-on-one assessment, and services where you will find not only low vision rehabilitation, but also independent living classes, computer training and free library services. For more information about Braille Institute, or to make an appointment with a low vision specialists, call: 1-800-BRAILLE (1-800-272-4553).

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