Low vision can be caused by many medical conditions, injuries, and eye diseases.  Whether your visual impairment is sudden, or if it has developed over time, living with vision loss can be distressing and dismaying.  Seeking low vision support may prove instrumental in allaying your fears so you can learn how to cope and even thrive with your vision loss.

A good place to begin seeking support is by scheduling a low vision consultation with a certified rehabilitation specialist.  During your consultation, a low vision rehabilitation specialist will work with you to find the products and services that are best suited to your needs.  The specialist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your individual abilities, challenges and goals and provide recommendations to increase your independence.  Your low vision consultation may lead you to other specialists who can provide additional support.

You can find a low vision consultant and a wealth of other services that can enhance your life at a local low vision rehabilitation center.  Because these centers do offer multiple services in one place, they can be very convenient.  At Braille Institute, for example, the first step in your journey begins with a low vision consultation.  During your consultation, you will learn about the other free services that Braille Institute offers including counseling, orientation and mobility training, computer classes, independent living skills classes, Braille classes, and audio and braille library services.

With proper low vision support, you will find that you can live well with your low vision.  Your daily tasks will become routine to you and you can explore new skills as well.  Look for a local vision rehabilitation center, or make an appointment to see a low vision consultant today.

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