What things can you do when you have Macular Degeneration? Read. Travel. Go bowling! Braille Institute Laguna Hills Neighborhood Center student, Cathy, does all that and more despite Wet Macular Degeneration in both eyes.

“Bowling is something I picked up after I began to lose my vision,” she said. “I never dreamed I would enjoy it as much as I do.”

Cathy came to the Laguna Hills center, a small satellite of the larger Anaheim center, two years ago. With the center only ten minutes away from her home, she began attending the Tuesday afternoon support group.

“I met so many people with the same or even worse problems. They’re coming here, looking for assistance and they’re getting it,” she said. After attending the support group, Cathy began using more of Braille Institute’s services such as in-home services, orientation and mobility, and the library.

“The best thing is the library,” Cathy said. “If I can’t find what I’m looking for here, I can call the Los Angeles Center library and they can put 15 books on one cassette, which is perfect for my trip to Hawaii!”

Cathy used to be a public health nurse so she is familiar with the complexities of the medical field, she says. She likes that if you ask for something, you get it at the Laguna Hills center.

“We’re making a difference in people’s lives, because we are close by and dedicated to help them with their individual needs,” said Sandra Albear, Regional Manager. “They feel welcomed when they walk in the door.”

Cathy says she has gained so much from Braille Institute. She hopes other people will join her and experience the same.