Dr. Bill Takeshita sits on a bench, smiling. There is greenery in the foreground of the image on the left side.Dr. Bill Takeshita, OD, FAAO, FCOVF passed away on Friday, March 3, 2023. He was a low vision optometrist, a beloved member of the SoCal visual impairment community, and especially dear to us here at Braille Institute. Dr. Bill was a guiding light to us—students, families, and professionals—and we’re lucky to have worked with him over the years.

“It is an honor to have met Dr. Bill. His love and passion for helping was always felt through his work,” says Elizabeth Reyes, Child Development Consultant. “Thank you for the training and support you offered our team.”

During his career, Dr. Bill wore many hats—he lectured across the country and served as the Chief of Optometry at the Center for the Partially Sighted as well as an adjunct professor at the Southern California College of Optometry, among other roles. After coincidentally losing his own vision, he founded the Dr. Bill Takeshita Foundation, which provides information and assistance to children with visual impairments and their families.

Even with his long list of professional accomplishments, we always remember the heart he brought to his work. Patricia Gallardo, Senior Child Development Consultant, says, “Dr. Bill’s kind words, his sense of humor, and his warm heart is what made him such a special man. You will always be a part of Braille Institute, and we will miss you, Dr. Bill.”

For over ten years, he hosted the Dr. Bill Educational Series, and served as a consulting director of low vision education here at Braille Institute. Dr. Bill taught countless families and professionals about various low vision diagnoses as well as how to stimulate remaining vision. Families received one-on-one consultations where he shared his expertise. He turned the most complex concepts into simple explanations with his wit and knowledge. Always generous with his time, he referred staff and families to resources and even gave out his personal phone number, welcoming calls and questions.

“Dr. Bill was kind and sincere. He was always asking how we were doing and taking an interest in our lives,” shares Liz Southern, Child Development Consultant. “And he was a helper. Dr. Bill was always asking what we needed to do our job better and how he could further help our families.”

We’re grateful for Dr. Bill Takeshita’s years of dedication to our families with direct consultations, educational lectures, and invaluable training. You were a true friend to us at Braille Institute—we’ll miss you, Dr. Bill. Thank you for everything.

You can read a past blog post by Dr. Bill here.