On January 10, students in Braille Institute Santa Barbara’s Youth Program had a rare opportunity to experience an amazing and moving adventure at Cavalia Odysseo. The students were guided by Odysseo artists through a sensory journey created specifically for individuals with low vision or blindness.

Cavalia Odysseo is a theatrical production featuring 65 horses and 50 artists. They travel the world performing these equestrian shows which combine multimedia and special effects.

The students discovered Cavalia Odysseo’s equestrian and acrobatic world through a variety of hands-on exercises. Members of the cast guided the youth to touch the horses’ soft coats, and taught them how to brush and groom the horses. The students smelled and touched the horses’ food; felt and tried the saddles. Taking stethoscopes in hand, the students listened to the horses’ heartbeat and breathing.

The youth program students also played percussion with musicians and danced with the acrobats. They felt the varieties of textures of the costumes.

At the end of the tour, students gathered in an arena where riders brought their horses to a full cantering speed, allowing the children to feel the ground quake beneath the incredible power of the equine stars.

This week the students will be able to experience the beauty and magic of Cavalia Odysseo with their family members thanks to the generous gift of tickets given by the show.

Cavalia Odysseo is playing under the White Big Top in Ventura County near US 101 at Santa Rosa Rd (Exit 52) in Camarillo with matinee and evening performances scheduled through Sunday, February 4.

Click here to view more photos from the sensory adventure the Braille Institute Santa Barbara youth went on.