This August is National Make-a-Will Month! And one concrete way to show up for all the people and causes you love the most is to take stock of all you love and create a plan.FreeWill logo

At Braille Institute, we want to make this important task more widely accessible for all those who need to create their plans. National Make-a-Will Month is a moment to consider this future, and make sure our plans reflect what we love.

If you don’t have an up-to-date will, we invite you to use FreeWill to create your will, and even include an optional legacy gift to Braille Institute.

Why should I make a will?

No matter your age or circumstances, everyone needs a legal will.  This helps you plan for the future, as well as make a lasting commitment to the people and causes that matter most to you. Making a will is a vital part of protecting your loved ones and taking responsibility for your assets.

Why use this free estate planning tool?

Making a will doesn’t have to be complicated or scary, but many people avoid the task because they assume it will be. But FreeWill makes the process easy, intuitive, and fast: in less than 20 minutes your will can be completed. You won’t need to submit any sensitive personal information, and you’ll finish with a PDF of your will that is valid in all 50 states.  You’ll also receive instructions how safely store your will and who you need to share it with.

Why should I begin my legacy with the Braille Institute?

Beginning your legacy with Braille Institute is the most powerful way to transform the lives of those with vision loss, for generations to come. It represents your commitment to making the world a more accessible place for all.  Those dealing with vision loss are often overwhelmed and unsure about what life will be like.  Your gift will help keep our services free of charge – that way Braille Institute can take some of the worry away.

If an immediate cash gift isn’t right for you, or if you are looking for a more concrete, long-term investment in the future of Braille Institute, we encourage you to consider a legacy gift in your will today.

 Get started on your free will today. 

If you have further questions about FreeWill, making an immediate contribution, or an estate gift at Braille Institute, please call 323-210-2607 or email