While a large percentage of the low vision clients who Braille Institute serves are older, we still work with a significant number of young people who suffer from vision loss as the disease can affect people of all ages. One of those young clients, Valerie, who lives in the Coachella Valley, recently shared the story of her journey with vision loss and low vision rehabilitation to us in an audio testimonial.

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Valerie was 33 when she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. She was not surprised to receive the diagnosis, even at such a young age as both her father and her sister suffer from the disease. However, it didn’t make the diagnosis any easier to process and to seek help for.

“At first, I avoided finding out more about my diagnosis because I did not want to feel limited and I didn’t want to worry about things that may not happen; and I worked hard to overcome and endure any challenges that I faced,” said Valerie.

Valerie’s ophthalmologist recommended she explore the low vision rehabilitation services at Braille Institute, but she didn’t think she needed to explore the services yet. She thought there were people out there who needed them more than her.

Valerie began to develop a severe problem with glare, which caused painful headaches and she finally decided to make a low vision rehabilitation appointment with Braille Institute in Coachella Valley.

“I was anxious about my appointment because I was actually admitting I needed help, but after the first low vision appointment, I had a total change of heart,” said Valerie.

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In their one-on-one appointment, the certified and licensed Low Vision Occupational Therapist, Katie, who worked with Valerie listened to her and educated her about her vision loss and condition.

“I came away with a better understanding of my low vision and how to better overcome it, including glare and how to best use light,” said Valerie.

Valerie’s low vision rehabilitation appointments at Braille Institute helped her understand and work with her diagnosis and maximizing the vision she did have. She also explained the work the organization and its occupational therapist did went well beyond just that. “One thing that stuck to me that Katie said to me was ‘vision loss is a journey and Braille Institute will be along with me for my journey as long as I need,”’ said Valerie. Over the months since Valerie started going to low vision rehabilitation with Braille Institute, she has found this statement to be true.

“I have received such great support from Braille Institute and today, I can always call Katie or the Low Vision department whenever I need to,” said Valerie.

If you or a loved one is suffering from low vision, you can call our Low Vision department at any time for a free consultation.

Our FREE Low Vision Rehabilitation Service includes personalized one-on-one appointments with our Low Vision Specialists. They will work with you to maximize your remaining vision by:

  • Assessing your particular needs
  • Providing practical tips on lighting, contrast enhancement and glare control
  • Exploring devices that can help you accomplish everyday tasks like reading, watching TV, and more

To learn more or to schedule a FREE one-on-one appointment with one of our Low Vision Specialists, call 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553).

One-on-one consultations are offered virtually at present so that you can get support from the comfort and safety of your own home by computer or phone.