Braille Institute’s remote library services are providing a virtual lifeline for people living with vision loss.  Since March, we have stepped up to do whatever is necessary to help our library patrons access intellectual and educational resources they can read or listen to from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

For library patrons who are more comfortable talking to a friendly voice, we have Reader Advisors that help them select books for visually impaired from our digital collection, providing one-on-one technical tutorials to allow those who are less familiar with technology to take advantage of everything we have to offer.  And, if a patron is familiar with e-readers, use of our Braille Audio Reading Downloads (BARD) is a popular option.  Many patrons are grateful for the opportunity to have easy access to reading material and to learn new technology skills:

“Learning BARD from Braille Institute staff opened up a lot for me,” a library patron explained. “I don’t have to wait for books.  Now, when I finish a book I go to BARD and search…it’s even more exciting because I can continue with authors I like.”

Learn more about Braille Institute – a charity for the blind and those with low vision – or our library services.  There you’ll find how to become a patron, how to register for BARD, get in touch with our Reader Advisors, and much more!

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Phone: 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553), Ext. 1238