It may be difficult to see a future of independence for your newly diagnosed visually impaired or blind child. At Braille Institute, we are here to show you a pathway towards it. Here’s how our free services should serve as a checklist for you in reviewing your resources and building a plan.

As with any child, early experiences matter. Engage your visually impaired or blind child early and often in a variety of sensory – tactile, auditory and mobility – activities. At Braille Institute, we value a play-based approach and encourage your child’s family to join in the fun, whenever possible.The cover image of the Braille Institute Special Collection Spring/Summer 2021 catalog. Hand-drawn art of rainclouds, a rainbow over a village, children on a swing, a unicorn reading a book and more.

If your visually impaired or blind child is from 0-6 years of age, contact Braille Institute’s Child Development Center to make an appointment for a free consultation. Our Child Development consultants can:

  1. Make home visits to address your child’s developmental and educational needs; we will suggest age-appropriate activities designed to help your child safely explore their environment and build on emerging skills
  2. Attend medical visits with you to support your understanding of your child’s visual diagnosis
  3. Connect you with resources in your community to meet your child’s educational needs
  4. Consult with community infant and preschool programs to encourage your child’s participation in activities
  5. Explore social experiences with your child outside of the home

It’s important to understand the resources available to you and your child in your community. Having a group of people who you can rely on to share experiences and resources, and gain encouragement is vital in this journey. That’s why Braille Institute also offers parents and caregivers:

  • Community Parent Groups
  • Braille Boot Camps
  • Monthly Educational Series facilitated by Specialists and Pediatric Ophthalmologists

Further, developing literacy in both tech and the written or spoken word is important for your child to start early and incorporate throughout their lives:

  • Readers and smart-devices help your child navigate, learn and be more independent
  • Braille and audio books allow for developing literacy along with a lifetime of learning and enrichment

For children 7 years or older, Braille Institute’s Youth Development program provides resources and activities for kids and teens.

When it’s difficult to see a future of independence for your newly diagnosed visually impaired or blind child, we are here to make hope visible again.

To learn more, or to schedule a FREE one-on-one appointment with one of our Child or Youth Development Consultants, call 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553).

One-on-one consultations, classes and workshops are offered virtually at present so that you can get support and participate from the comfort and safety of your own home by either computer or phone.