Loss of vision can be very challenging. However, there are organizations such as visually impaired centers where you can find services and resources to help you live your life to the fullest. A blind and visually impaired center welcomes everyone, regardless of how mild or severe your condition. There, you can find the programs that will help you achieve independence for as long as possible, so you can work effectively and continue enjoying the recreational activities and hobbies you love.

Here is a guide to help you find the best visually impaired center:

Know their specialty

Look for a blind and visually impaired center with years of extensive and proven experience in helping people through a broad range of classes, free programs, and services. Their mission is to empower their students of all ages to continue living enriching lives with vision loss and blindness.

Find a local center

Choose a local non-profit organization that is easy to visit from your home or workplace, so you do not have to travel far. Some organizations have different locations across the state and in certain regions to make sure that their services and tools are available to more people who may need them.

Get to know the programs

There are typically services for both adults and youth. Programs and services can vary from low vision rehabilitation to in-home services, assistive technology education, audio books and lifestyle classes. Reputable centers also offer child development under their youth services, orientation and mobility services, and a telephone reader program. Consider a blind and visually impaired center that participates or leads well-known national programs, such as Cane Quest and The Braille Challenge.

Get to know the treatment options

Look for a blind and visually impaired center that offers rehabilitation for low vision consisting of personalized appointments with trained specialists who will work closely with you to maximize your abilities and teach you new ways of navigating.

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