Are you experiencing difficulty doing everyday tasks because of problems with your vision?  If you need help finding a solution, a consultation with a low vision rehabilitation specialist may prove to be very beneficial to your well-being.

A low vision rehabilitation specialist is a professional who is trained to teach adaptive living skills to give people with low vision the tools they need to confidently navigate their daily life.  Connecting with a good low vision rehabilitation specialist can be a transformative experience, but the first step is to find one in your area.

You can begin your search for a low vision rehabilitation specialist by speaking with your eye doctor, who may be able to refer you to a specialist.  Some larger hospitals have eye health centers on their premises that may offer low vision rehabilitation services, or they may be affiliated with an off-site eye health center.

Organizations that serve the blind and visually impaired are another good resource for locating skilled low vision rehabilitation specialists.  If you search for these organizations online, you will find both public and private institutions that can help you.  Many provide their services for free.

Each state has a Department of Rehabilitation that provides a variety of services to individuals with disabilities to foster independent living skills and find employment. You can contact your local Department of Rehabilitation office to find out what they offer for low vision services.

Find a low vision specialist today!  They will help you find ways to improve your quality of life.  If you live in Southern California, Braille Institute is a great place to find a low vision rehabilitation specialist.  For more information about Braille Institute’s low vision services and a safe phone or online consultation, please click here or call us today!

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