Experiencing vision loss can be overwhelming and scary.  You may find that you need support beyond what you receive at your doctor’s office.  A low vision support group may be a great place for you to find encouragement, assistance, and understanding from others who are also living with low vision or blindness.  You will have a forum for expressing your frustrations, asking for advice and sharing your stories with people who truly comprehend what you are facing.

There are several ways that you can find a low vision support group.  You can start by asking your eye doctor.  You can also check with your state rehabilitation agency or a local low vision rehabilitation center.  Staff members in these offices will be able to connect you with suitable local resources.  Other sources for locating potential support groups include senior centers and retirement centers.

You may also search online for low vision support groups.  There are free professional organizations near you who offer group classes and workshops which you can find with just a web search for ‘low vision rehabilitation.’

If you cannot find a low vision support group that you can visit in-person, another possibility to consider is to find an organization that offers free in-home consultation services.  This service will still provide you with an opportunity to speak to a consultant about your concerns and you can learn to create a personalized plan from there.

If the world of vision loss is new to you, making an appointment for a low vision consultation may be a great way to discover other valuable information as well.  Arming yourself with information will empower you to find ways to live well with your vision loss.

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