If you are experiencing vision loss and would like to acquire new skills to help improve your quality of life, you may want to connect with a reliable blind and visually impaired center in your area.  Blind and visually impaired centers offer a convenient one-stop service location for your vision rehabilitation and training.  These centers provide a variety of services that are all designed to help you live independently.

Braille Institute in Southern California is a prime example of a center for the blind and visually impaired.  At Braille Institute, you will find free programs and services like: low vision rehabilitation, independent living skills training, mobility training, library services and much more.

Your journey towards independence with Braille Institute begins with a personalized low vision consultation.  During this consultation, low vision specialists will assess your needs and recommend the right tools and services tailored for your particular situation.  You will learn how to adapt your home environment so you can comfortably perform your daily routine.  Your low vision specialist may also discuss lighting options and adaptive equipment that will prove to be instrumental in helping you accomplish your goals.  Your low vision rehabilitation assessment may also include the recommendation of classes and training that will contribute to enhancing your quality of life.

At Braille Institute, you can also receive technology training on the latest devices and adaptive software though our Connection Pointe classes.  If you are new to using computers and smart devices, Connection Pointe staff will help you become more technologically proficient, quickly.

Engaging with a blind and visually impaired center also exposes you to fellow students who can share their own experiences living with vision loss.  You will gain knowledge from your training, but you will also learn from your peers as well.  Find a reliable blind and visually impaired center in your area today.

If you happen to live in Southern California, look no further!  Please call Braille institute at 1-800-BRAILLE to learn more.