As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forces many of us to stay safer at home, we continue to experience limited access to businesses and schools.  People must look for alternative ways to continue their education.  Many are looking into online resources for solutions.  This is true for the blind and visually impaired as well.  Fortunately, many organizations serving the blind and visually impaired are responding to this need by adding braille through remote learning and online lessons.  These organizations continue to provide services during this difficult time.

If you search online, you will find that many remote learning opportunities are designed for the visually impaired.  You will also find workshops and classes for those who want to help a blind or visually impaired loved one.  Your education can continue to expand and grow with remote learning.

If would like to take a class so you can help a blind or visually impaired loved one, it is a great time to take an online class.  You can learn how to improve your skills to become a better human sighted guide.  You may also want to learn more about how different eye diseases and conditions affect people.  Here at Braille Institute, we offer classes like these and much more.

In addition to the wide variety of available online classes, another benefit of remote learning is that you are not limited by your location.   You will discover that you can participate in remote programs all across the country without leaving your home.  With remote learning, you now have the chance to engage with even more people than you could with an in-person class.

If you would like to become a student or take online classes with Braille Institute, please contact us today.  Click here to see what remote services Braille Institute offers, or you can call 1-800-BRAILLE for more information.

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