Living with vision loss? Many eye conditions come about as a part of aging. Whatever the cause, when an individual’s vision cannot be corrected with glasses or surgery, and activities like reading or going to the store are limited, it’s time to seek vision rehabilitation services because vision loss does not mean giving up on life.

Offered as a free, one-on-one consultation with a trained specialist, vision rehabilitation services support those who are blind or have low vision to maintain an active life. During the appointment, a low vision specialist will review the required doctor referral form, conduct an assessment and make comprehensive recommendations on current optical tools and resources such as:

  • Lighting and magnification equipment;
  • Digital literacy and audio book training;
  • Assistive technology like smart phones or speech activated devices;
  • Orientation and mobility techniques;
  • Sighted guide techniques for family members and caregivers.

The opportunities to learn how to live life with vision loss doesn’t end there.  A dynamic variety of free life-skills and enrichment classes are also available ongoing. Imagine cooking without looking, using ‘smart’ speakers, changing up home management practices, or learning basic Salsa moves among many other programs offered. Adult support groups provide discussion forums to build confidence in coping with vision loss.

After the initial low vision consultation, find free classes and events scheduled throughout the year at locations throughout southern California to help those with visual impairment live an active life. Special workshops and seminars can be invaluable for the entire family when living with vision loss.

Audiobooks and braille books, along with telephone reader services, also make a huge difference for maintaining critical thinking and supporting a well-read quality of life. Literally thousands of titles are available for all ages from literature to non-fiction, or the latest newspaper ad.

Find a location for low vision rehabilitation services. 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553)