If you are newly experiencing vision loss, you may wonder if it is possible to do everything you were accustomed to doing. With a little help, you can learn new ways to tackle your daily tasks and get back to living your best life. A low vision rehabilitation center is adept at helping people with low vision.  They can serve as a ray of hope for the blind.

Low vision rehabilitation is a field that specializes in developing strategies designed to help blind and low vision individuals maintain their independence.  Your low vision rehabilitation specialist will evaluate your situation and work with you to determine an action plan. The ability to achieve your personal goals will become a little more tangible after your evaluation. You will start to have more hope and positivity about your future.

Low vision rehabilitation centers can also introduce you to the devices, software, and other services that may help you with daily living. For example, reading devices, scanners, and other tools can lead to success in navigating your way around your world. You will discover that you will have new ways to do everything, from managing your bills to reading a newspaper.

In addition to evaluation and tools, you may also receive training and counseling. Training may involve teaching you anything from using a computer with screen reading software to matching your clothing. Orientation and mobility training may also be a part of your path to becoming more independent. You will work with your rehabilitation specialist to find the right plan to fit your life.

An effective low vision rehabilitation center can equip you with what you need to improve your life.  Braille Institute offers low vision rehabilitation, classes, library services, and much more. Please click here to find out more about our services or call us today!


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