Did you know that if you’re struggling with daily activities due to vision loss, Low Vision Rehabilitation centers and services can be the answer to a much improved quality of life? It’s true and it’s available to you!

If you’re having trouble reading the mail, cooking, or missing a much-loved hobby like book club, gardening or playing cards, there are Low Vision Rehabilitation centers to help you. Click on the video’s below to hear from a Low Vision Rehabilitation student along with a few Low Vision tips so that you can start to focus on what you CAN DO:

Losing vision doesn’t mean giving up on your life activities, it means learning new ways to do them. Wherever you are on the low vision spectrum, there are services and resources to help you succeed.

Older man in chair with newspaper turning on a desktop task light.

Older man in chair with newspaper turning on a desktop task light.

Ready to get started?  Braille Institute’s FREE Low Vision Rehabilitation service includes personalized one-on-one appointments with certified Low Vision Specialists and they will gladly work with you to maximize your remaining vision by:

  • Assessing your particular needs
  • Providing practical tips on lighting, contrast enhancement and glare control
  • Exploring devices that can help you accomplish everyday tasks like reading, watching TV, and more

In addition to appointments with Low Vision Specialists, Braille Institute’s Low Vision Rehabilitation centers offer a variety of programs and services for those who are blind and visually impaired including Independent Living Skills classes, Orientation & Mobility training, assistive technology classes and more.

Schedule a FREE one-on-one Low Vision Rehabilitation appointment with one of our Low Vision Specialists, call 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553). One-on-one consultations, classes and workshops are offered virtually at present so that you can get support and participate from the comfort and safety of your own home by either computer or phone.