A low vision rehabilitation specialist is a trained professional who teaches adaptive independent living skills to the blind and visually impaired.  The training they provide is designed to help their clients find ways to perform daily activities and maintain independence. If you are experiencing vision loss, connecting with a skilled low vision rehabilitation specialist can prove to be helpful.

Photo of low vision magnifier demonstration.

A low vision occupational therapist demonstrates how to use a magnifier.


When you visit a low vision rehabilitation specialist, you will receive an evaluation and assessment to determine your needs. After the evaluation, they will work with you to figure out the type of training and products that will best enhance your quality of life.  This is just one benefit of finding a low vision rehabilitation specialist.  


Another benefit is you will learn about the many classes and lessons that are available.  During your consultation, the staff will tailor their recommendations to suit your particular situation.  Training can include orientation and mobility training to help you learn how to safely navigate your environment. Additionally, you may learn labeling techniques to help you identify objects in your home or kitchen strategies.  You might even benefit from assistive technology training, computer training, and more.  


The introduction to different gadgets, products, or services is yet another asset of your consultation.  You will discover a variety of items that are designed to help you regain your independence. There are devices to help you around the house in a myriad of ways.  You can also learn about assistive apps that you can download to your phone, talking or braille gadgets, and reading or magnification devices. Your low vision rehabilitation specialist may even introduce you to new ways to enjoy reading again.


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