We’re here for you!

While our classes and services are temporarily suspended, we are here to support you during the ‘safer-at-home’ mandate.

• Our staff is available to speak with you at 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553) Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5.30pm (PDT), or, you can connect with us online.

• Our library service has over 100,000 audio and braille book titles that you can download digitally to your smart phone or computer. If you need assistance, please contact our reader advisors at 1-800-808-2555.

Just know, we’re in this together.  Click to hear a message from Braille Institute President Peter Mindnich, along with our playlist of supportive videos.


Even during these trying times, there are many aspects of daily life that remain under your control, including how you take care of your emotional, social and physical well-being. Here are some other helpful reminders and suggestions to stay positive and well – check back as we update each week!

• TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY – eating healthy meals, moving around and exercising, and getting plenty of sleep at night can help your immune system.

  • Exercise – While you may be confined indoors, you can still stay active – check out this YouTube video to Chair Exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home.
  • Why chair exercises work  –  It’s an excellent workout in a small space that almost anyone can do. This article from @VeryWellFit sheds some light on their benefits and some of the best ones you can do.  

TAKE CARE OF YOUR MIND and increase your feel-good activities – whether it’s practicing mindfulness, playing an instrument, or listening to music, now is the time to increase positive experiences in your daily schedule.

  • Try and take breaks from media coverage – Coronavirus news can make us feel more afraid and powerless. Instead, try listening to some great podcasts from Time Magazine’s list of best podcasts.
  • Audio books – Our BARD digital app is a great way to enjoy thousands of audio books. The @NationalLibraryService offers instruction on how to download and use the app on a number of devices.
  • Listen to music – Here’s a classic medley of songs from Johnny Mercer compliments of The Johnny Mercer Foundation.
  • Social distancing does not mean social isolation – Reach out to others and stay connected. You can do this with a phone call, video chat or even cell phone texting and conversations. Personal relationships are so important in maintaining perspective and elevating mood. Sometime others can benefit from your reassurance and emotional support. Need some inspiration? Click on YouTube videos from others who are blind or visually impaired.

• TAKE CARE OF BASIC NEEDS (including food and medicine) – if you can’t go out, order groceries online using grocery store apps like Amazon Fresh, Instacart or local grocery stores who provide delivery service. There are also food delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats or Postmates which will deliver from your favorite places. Don’t forget to also have at least a 30-day supply of your prescriptions on hand.

  • Food pantries available – For those on a tight budget during this time of COVID19, there are a number of food pantry services available in each county. Click here for a number of resources we have found helpful – check schedules. Please remember to stay safe and healthy! Keep your distance of 6 feet from others, wear a mask if you have one, and food-handler gloves are helpful, too.
  • LA County WDACS launches free delivery service for older adults – This countywide program, called Critical Delivery Service, provides delivery service for groceries, household items, and other vital necessities to individuals unable to leave their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Deliveries may be scheduled by calling 1-888-863-7411 between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Pre-paid items may be delivered 24 hours a day/7 days per week, at no cost, up to four times per month or 40 miles of service. Fact sheet.
  • Visually impaired cooking tips –  Want to learn tips and tricks for cooking in the kitchen with vision impairment? Here’s an excellent YouTube resource for blind and visually impaired cooking instruction videos
  • Tips on accessibility features across devices like your smart phone, iPad or tablet – Click here for  instructional videos with tips on using vision accessibility features on tech devices — often shared in our free Connection Pointe one-on-one consultations. You can download the videos, or just the audio only.

Check our social media channels and this blog regularly where we’ll be sharing more ideas like:  cooking-tips, exercises you can do at home, suggested podcasts to listen to and more.

Take care.

1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553)