The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has left many people staying at home in isolation.  The need for social interaction may be critical for your well-being, but the number of occasions to do so can be few and far between during the pandemic. For a visually impaired or blind student, this isolation can be distressing and difficult.   One way that some students can cope with this situation is to take advantage of e-learning opportunities. That’s why course-types like e-learning for blind students are becoming increasingly available every day.

E-learning for blind students and visually impaired students is a great way to enhance your education while maintaining a connection to your peers.  While it is not the same as being in the classroom, e-learning does give you the tools to engage with others as you take your classes.  Because you will take your courses from the safety and comfort of your own home, social distancing will not be an issue for you.

In addition to regular classes, you may find workshops and discussion groups on numerous topics that can also increase your engagement with the world.  Our lively Braille Institute Library Book Club continues to meet monthly.  Braille Institute also offers free workshops and webinars on understanding vision loss, voice-activated gadgets, fitness fun, low tech activities for daily living, and much more.

By taking advantage of e-learning, you will also increase your tech skills as you learn how to navigate online meeting tools.  With increased confidence, you will be able to discover more opportunities to connect with the world.  You will be able to overcome the sense of isolation and keep loneliness at bay.

If you are interested in getting started with e-learning courses, call us today or visit our website for more information!

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