The world of assistive technology for people who are visually impaired and blind, consists of a wide variety of low and high-tech products and tools.  A number of technology for visually impaired people are specifically designed to help a user perform routine daily tasks with ease.

Labeling items around your house can be quite useful in making it easier to complete an everyday task.  An example of a low-tech product that will help you with marking some of the items that you may use, is plastic adhesive bump dots.  Bump dots come in a variety of sizes and colors and may be placed on items like keyboards, remote controls, and control panels on appliances to make them easier to identify and operate.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, there are quite a few apps available that can help you accomplish tasks without having to purchase a separate proprietary device.  The ‘KNFB Reader’ app, for example, turns your phone into a scanner that can read almost any printed text out-loud to you.  You can use it to read your mail, read instructions in a product manual, and much more.  The ‘Tap Tap See’ app uses your phone’s camera and voiceover function to help you identify things by taking a photo of an object at any angle.  ‘Color ID Free’ is another app that can help you by identifying colors.  This app would come in handy when you are trying to match clothing.  The ‘Be My Eyes’ app connects a blind or visually impaired user with a sighted volunteer who can provide visual assistance.  This app can be helpful to you in many ways including navigating your way in new surroundings.

Getting through your day does not have to be filled with obstacles.  With the help of technology for visually impaired, you will overcome barriers and your daily routine can become effortless.

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