January is Technology Month at Braille Institute and we are celebrating technology for the visually impaired and specifically assistive technology for visually impaired all month. One recent tech breakthrough is the BARD mobile app, which provides free access to thousands of audio and braille books, magazines, and music scores.

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There’s never been a better time to get lost in the magic of reading and Braille Institute’s Library Service offers great news for those who are blind or visually impaired with access to free books and magazines digitally with the BARD app.

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The BARD mobile app allows users to get free new books, including recent releases, best-sellers, and timeless classics, without having to leave home or use the postal service. All users need to have is a compatible smart device.

But which smart devices are best for enjoying BARD? Here’s a breakdown of some of the best options. For starters, the BARD app is conveniently available for Android and iOS systems.

For iOS Devices

  • iPhone – Any edition of the iPhone you may already be using can work for BARD and is one of the most-popular and convenient ways to enjoy the app.
  • iPad – The iPad can be an excellent choice for those who like to be able to navigate on a bigger screen as opposed to a phone.

For Android Devices

  • Android smartphone – Most Android smartphones will work for BARD so the good news is you might already have exactly what you need!
  • Android tablet – Like the iPad compared to the iPhone, an Android tablet can provide a larger screen for navigation.

The most-affordable device that is compatible with BARD is the Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Tablet which is $69.99.

Click here for the product page for the Amazon Kindle Fire 7 on Amazon.com

Need Help?

Braille Institute’s Library Service has professional Reader Advisors who are available to help you with your device, using the BARD app, or even give book recommendations based on your likes and interests. Call them at 1 (800) 808-2555, or email readers@brailleinstitute.org and they can help you.

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