Vision Rehabilitation is a term that refers to a variety of services designed to help people develop strategies to maintain their quality of life after vision loss.  Those with expertise who provide vision rehabilitation services include Low Vision Therapists, Vision Rehabilitation Therapists, and Orientation and Mobility Specialists.  Consulting with a vision rehabilitation specialist as part of your treatment can help you make great strides in regaining your independence.

Certified Low Vision Therapists (CLVTs and SCLVs) provide training on how to make the best use of your remaining vision with the aid of various devices and assistive technology.  If you consult with a low vision therapist, you will also receive an assessment of your living environment to determine how you would benefit from any modifications to your surroundings by adapting your home to enhance safety and mobility.

A Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (CVRTs) concentrates on teaching adaptive independent living skills to help you find ways to tackle your daily living activities such as shopping, cleaning, reading and writing, cooking and kitchen safety, and personal grooming.  A CVRT can help you find the tools you will need to continue living well within your familiar home environment and your community.

A Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (O & M) will show you how to get around independently within your indoor and outdoor environments.  They will provide you with techniques to enhance your ability to know where you are and where you want to go.  An O & M will also teach you how to use a white cane, how to navigate public transportation, how to traverse sidewalks and cross streets safely.

A vision rehabilitation specialist can give you the tools and information you will need to be confident and live well with your vision loss.  There are vision rehabilitation centers where you can find a whole team of vision rehabilitation specialists who can help.  If you live in Southern California, Braille Institute is a great place to start.  Call  today to make an free appointment!

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