Introducing the iBraille Challenge Practice App

Braille Institute, as part of a research grant awarded to California State University, Los Angeles, is seeking teachers of students with visual impairments to pilot test the iBraille Challenge App – a ground breaking new app aimed at supporting braille literacy development. This iPad app is based on the contests developed as part of Braille Institute’s National Braille Challenge Program.

During this pilot phase, teachers will be asked to give students a grade level reading assessment that has been adapted into a mobile app platform and complete several reading activities designed to improve reading skills for children who read braille. The reading passages have been selected from current grade level materials and are typical of what a child would read in his or her reading and language arts program. The activities are based on research and employ the best evidence-based reading practices.

Funded by the US Department of Education, the pilot testing will start in September 2015. Those who are chosen to participate will engage in a pre-test followed by 16 weeks of using the app for a minimum of two 45-minute sessions per week. Teachers, parents, and students who are interested in participating will be asked to sign a consent form and students will need to obtain parental (or legal guardian) permission.

Interested teachers are asked to submit a letter of interest from their school district. Please download and complete the following template:

Also included is supplemental information for teachers and more information about the program:

For more information, contact Dr. Cheryl Kamei-Hannan at (323) 343-6297, or email Seanarae Smith at

The study has minimal risks, which include fatigue, testing anxiety or stress, and lost time from existing curriculum. Safeguards include being able to stop a session or pull out of the study.