The goal of Braille Challenge Alumni Network is to provide an advocacy forum for braille literacy and build a support network for Braille Challenge past contestants. Members will be engaged in an array of various core services to include mentorship, webinars or skills-based virtual workshops and regional events.

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Alumni have risen to the challenge with one thing in common, a love for braille literacy!

For over twenty years, Braille Institute has helped youth see beyond sight loss for a focus on the bright future ahead through the Braille Challenge competition. The result are alumni who realize they can achieve, and a strong community of students, parents, teachers, and other educators all across North America that together form a collegial network for life. If you’ve participated in Braille Challenge, stay connected and join the network today!

Membership Criteria

  • A high school graduate
  • Participated in at least one Braille Challenge preliminary event

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To become a member of the Braille Challenge Alumni Network, submit your application today!

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Email braillechallenge@brailleinstitute.org

Phone  323-906-3113

Braille Challenge Alumni Panel

Braille Challenge alumni feel empowered, persist in determination and realize prosperity in their lives. They go to college and trade schools, obtain employment and build careers, run for office and have families. They overcome the odds that approximately two-thirds of those with disabilities tend to not enter the workforce.

Listen to a Braille Challenge Alumni panel discuss higher education, employment, independence and preparing for success in a webinar from the 2020 Braille Challenge Finals.

What our alumni say…

  • Braille Challenge brings out the best.
  • Braille is knowledge and knowledge is power.
  • Braille bridges gaps.
  • Starting college is hard for everybody whether sighted or not.
  • Campus life was my biggest struggle and my biggest blessing.
  • I absolutely loved college.
  • Take advantage of everything college has to offer.
  • College is not just about getting grades and taking classes, it’s so much more.
Teacher of the year Kateri Gullifor walking with alumni