Congratulations to the Winners of the 2020 Braille Challenge Finals!

Apprentice Awards
(1st-2nd Grades)

1st Emma Stamper
2nd Jose Landeros Mondragon
3rd Hao Wen Deng

Freshman Awards
(3rd-4th Grades)

1st Shianne Ramsey
2nd Salome Cummins
3rd Landon Bryson

Sophomore Awards
(5th-6th Grades)

1st Christopher Morgan
2nd Braeden Robinson
3rd Jenna Claywell

Junior Varsity Awards
(7th-9th Grades)

1st Madeline Mau
2nd Charlie Bethay
3rd Lynn Wu

Varsity Awards
(10th-12th Grades)

1st Christopher Abel
2nd Kaleigh Brendle
3rd Julia LaGrand

Excellence in Spelling

Emma Stamper

Excellence in Charts & Graphs Award

Julia LaGrand
Nathan Deeds

Excellence in Reading Comprehension Award

Jenna Claywell