Resource Documents

Here you will find all of the necessary Braille Challenge forms and information to get started. If you would like additional information or if you have questions regarding any of the forms, deadlines or other information, please email:


Braille Challenge Resource List

The Braille Challenge is designed to set a high standard of achievement for braille students. Like any discipline, braille proficiency takes study and practice. If you are looking for more ways to challenge yourself throughout the year, check out this list of resources that may help you hone your braille skills.

2023 Official Braille Challenge Handbook
Agencies who host a regional Braille Challenge are given a handbook with detailed instructions on how to plan their own event. All artwork, forms and the contests themselves are provided by Braille Institute at no charge.

2023-2024 Collateral Order Form

Regional Coordinators complete the digital Collateral Order Form to be submitted to Braille Institute. Our team then uses information from this form to create regional program documents.

Contest Face Sheet & Examples (PDF)