Braille Challenge 2023-24

Regional Collateral Order Form

Welcome to Braille Challenge! Please complete the following form no later than 3 months before your regional date.  Collateral forms will not be accepted after December 15, for the 2024 Braille Challenge season. Once completed, the National Programs (NP) Team will follow up with you to distribute all of your Braille Challenge collateral materials.

Thanks again for your continued support!

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Does your regional have contest production capabilities? (Meaning you can print/emboss all or some of your own contests) If yes, the National Programs (NP) Team will follow up with you to share the Confidentiality Agreement.
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Note: Many regionals have opted to use digital Permission Forms using platforms like Google Forms, WordPress and Survey Monkey to collect the permission form information. You must make sure you are asking all the questions listed on our standard form, no exceptions. If this is the case, please note this in the “Notes” section below. And select “NO” here.