For teachers who choose to proctor the contest for their student, online individual registration for the 2022 Braille Challenge will be open from December through March 1, 2022.

Determining Grade Level

All students at all academic levels are welcome to participate in the Preliminary Contest, both individually and at a regional event. Every student who completes a Preliminary Round Contest will be acknowledged with a certificate and a special prize, so everyone is a winner.

Taking a Contest that is below a student’s grade level

Only students who take the Preliminary Contest in contracted braille that corresponds to their age-appropriate academic grade level will be eligible to be invited to the Finals. However, to encourage full inclusion and maximum participation in the preliminary round, a student may take any level of contest. Also, the Apprentice Preliminary Contest is offered in uncontracted braille and also can be taken by students of any age.

Contest Age Groups

1st and 2nd grades


3rd and 4th grades


5th and 6th grades

Junior Varsity

7th, 8th and 9th grades


10th, 11th and 12th grades

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Register students NOW through March 1, 2022!

Consider encouraging your students to attend a Braille Challenge regional event

If you would like your student to attend a Regional Challenge Event, please contact the coordinator nearest you to register your student. See the List of Regional Events to find out where your student can take the Preliminary Braille Challenge hosted by an agency in your state.

A student may only take the 2022 Preliminary Contest ONCE

It’s a full day of fun and camaraderie, workshops, demonstrations and prizes. More than 45 agencies across the United States and Canada are finalizing their calendars throughout the next two months – here is a current List of Regional events and dates.

Blind service agencies and state schools for blind and visually impaired children throughout the United States and Canada host their own fun-filled Braille Challenge regional events each year between December and mid-March.

A regional event offers students of all reading levels a broad and enriching experience. Most include parent workshops, entertainment, speakers, or access technology demonstrations. But more importantly, regional contests give parents of blind children the opportunity to meet each other and set the stage for students to experience the exhilaration of live competition and receive acknowledgement for their hard work.

For some students, a Preliminary Contest event may be over-stimulating or too stressful and not always optimal for success. If you feel your student may need any special consideration, please contact the Regional Coordinator in your area.


National Programs Coordinators

Email braillechallenge@brailleinstitute.org

Phone  323-906-3113

Phone  323-663-1111 ext. 1215