We’re changing lives through the advocacy of braille literacy for students in grades 1-12, and you, your team or company can make an important contribution! It’s fun, engaging and life changing. Find out how you can get involved in the annual Braille Challenge event.

Braille Challenge is a national braille reading and writing competition for students in first through twelfth grades in the United States and Canada.  The program encourages and rewards braille literacy, and a large number of volunteers are required.

As the majority of working-age blind people are unemployed, the ability to read and write braille is paramount for blind and visually impaired youth to embrace. While digital tools are helpful, braille is the gold standard and critically important for academic achievement in language, math and science. Braille literacy is the equivalent to print literacy in the barriers it breaks and the Braille Challenge competition motivates and encourages students to practice these skills.

To learn more about volunteering for the annual Braille Challenge events, contact Braille Institute National Youth Programs, or contact the coordinator of one of the approximately 50 regionals being held near you.

The Braille Challenge season takes place in two stages each year:

  • Stage 1: Braille Challenge Regional Events – preliminaries where any and all students that read braille can participate.
  • Stage 2: Braille Challenge Finals  –  where top 50 regional finalists in the United States and Canada compete in Los Angeles.

If you are interested in volunteering for Braille Challenge, please fill out the form below: