Congratulations to the Winners of the 2024 Braille Challenge Finals!

2024 Apprentice Awards |

(1st-2nd Grades)

Photo of Luise S.
πŸ† 1st Luise S. – Virginia
πŸ† 2nd Haylee B. – Florida
πŸ† 3rd Jane G. – Missouri

2024 Freshman Awards |

(3rd-4th Grades)

Photo of Luke F.
πŸ† 1st Luke F. – North Carolina
πŸ† 2nd Isaiah G. –  Saskatchewan,Β Canada
πŸ† 3rd Adalyn K. – Nebraska

2024 Sophomore Awards |

(5th-6th Grades)

Photo of Haley X.
πŸ† 1st Hayley X. – Woking, United Kingdom
πŸ† 2nd Reese B. – North Carolina
πŸ† 3rd Emma S. – Indiana

2024 Junior Varsity Awards |

(7th-9th Grades)

Photo of Salome C.
πŸ† 1st Salome C. – Missouri
πŸ† 2nd Caylen C. – Texas
πŸ† 3rd Leo D. – Texas

2024 Varsity Awards |

(10th-12th Grades)

Photo of Nathan D.
πŸ† 1st Nathan D. – Iowa
πŸ† 2nd Brooke P. – Kansas
πŸ† 3rd Lynn W. – California

Excellence in Spelling Award

Photo of Luise E.
πŸ† Luise S. – Virginia

Harley Fetterman Award for Excellence in Chart & Graphs

Photo of Christopher M.
πŸ† Christopher M. – Georgia

Excellence in Reading Comprehension Award

Photo of Brooke P.
πŸ† Brooke P. – Kansas

Teacher Of The Year Award

Lauren Ingersoll in classroom with two BVI students using laptop braillers.
πŸ† Lauren Ingersoll, South County Consortium for Special Education – San Diego, CA

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