Congratulations to the Winners of the 2023 Braille Challenge Finals!

2023 Apprentice Awards |

(1st-2nd Grades)

πŸ† 1st Luise Schmidt-Eisenlohr
πŸ† 2nd Adalyn Kumm
πŸ† 3rd Tianna Tollefson

2023 Freshman Awards |

(3rd-4th Grades)

πŸ† 1st Anne Ye
πŸ† 2nd Hao Wen Deng
πŸ† 3rd Matthew Heesen

2023 Sophomore Awards |

(5th-6th Grades)

πŸ† 1st Leo De Santis
πŸ† 2nd Salome Cummins
πŸ† 3rd Janna Cheung

2023 Junior Varsity Awards |

(7th-9th Grades)

πŸ† 1st Christopher Morgan
πŸ† 2nd EmmaGrace Olech
πŸ† 3rd Braeden Robinson

2023 Varsity Awards |

(10th-12th Grades)

πŸ† 1st Brooke Petro
πŸ† 2nd Madeline Mau
πŸ† 3rd Nathan Deeds

Excellence in Spelling Award

πŸ† Anne Ye

Harley Fetterman Award for Excellence in Chart & Graphs

πŸ† Leo De Santis

Excellence in Reading Comprehension Award

πŸ† Anne Ye

Teacher Of The Year Award

πŸ† April Makley

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