Cane Quest

Cane Quest logo folded cane made of five different colors

Calling all youth (grades 3-12), Cane Quest SoCal returns on October 15 at Cal State, Los Angeles! Join us for a day of challenging your travel techniques and cane skills.

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It’s Almost Competition Time!

Greetings All –
It is once again Cane Quest season! Summer break is almost over, and students and teachers are brimming with excitement to be back to programs and learning together.

Beyond health and safety protocols, Cane Quest programs will continue to be offered in these various formats: in-person, virtual or hybrid.

Cane Quest season will run from October 2022 to April 2023.

This September, the National Programs team will be hosting a series of Regional Coordinators meetings. We will be sharing program updates and answering any questions you may have about your program.

Here’s to a terrific Cane Quest season!

What Is Cane Quest?

Cane Quest is a challenging orientation and mobility contest for students in grades 3-12. There are several Cane Quest regional events across the country and the contestants are divided into three categories:

Scouts: grades 3 to 6

Explorers: grades 7 to 9

Trailblazers: grades 10 to 12

Explorer and Trailblazer contestants are given auditory instructions and challenged to safely complete secret routes in their community using proper travel techniques and appropriate cane skills. Scout contestants team up with a sighted adult and earn coins as they navigate a route that demonstrates mastery of basic orientation and mobility skills and proper sighted guide techniques, within the boundaries of a school or agency.

Contestants are monitored at all times at the event by certified volunteers. They are accompanied one-on-one by a trained ‘Shadow’ to ensure they stay safe on the route. Explorer and Trailblazer contestants follow routes that include the demonstration of skills in residential areas, commercial areas, malls, and bus travel.