Cane Quest Marketing Toolkit

The information and files included here are provided so that you can use it to communicate and promote Cane Quest in a manner consistent with the brand identity as developed and owned by Braille Institute. Our brand identity creates a more cohesive way in which we present our programs to others. It is intended to strengthen the power of all related messaging by building a cohesive presence in all that we do. We thank you in advance for taking the time to review this toolkit and follow the brand guidelines for Cane Quest.

Media Outreach

The media advisory press release includes space to add unique details for your event such as a theme, speakers and even a quote from one of your contestants.

Contact if you receive media inquiries, and/or to forward published media stories to Braille Institute. Please also share all stories on social media and tag Braille Institute’s profiles on Facebook: @brailleinstitute Twitter: @BrailleInst Instagram: @brailleinstitute with the hashtag #CaneQuest

2023-2024 Media-Advisory (Word)


By downloading this file you agree to use it in the proportions and colors provided and, to not change the content of the logo in any way.

Cane Quest Logo (png).

Sample Postcard

If you would like to request free copies of the following postcard, personalized to your event, contact Jacky Garcia or phone: 323-906-3104.

Sample Postcard (pdf).