Child Development Program

Braille Institute’s Child Development Program is committed to letting kids (ages 0-6) be kids and helping them grow up to reach their full potential, regardless of their visual impairment.

We believe parents are their child’s most valuable teacher and advocate. Our goal is to assist parents in locating resources and support to maximize their child’s growth and development.

We help families see beyond sight loss and focus on the bright future ahead.

Our Child Development Consultants

  • Make home visits
  • Attend medical visits
  • Connect you with resources in your community
  • Consult with community infant and preschool programs
  • Explore social experiences with your child outside of the home
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Our Opportunities

We also host a variety of opportunities for parents and caregivers to get together with educators, medical experts, and each other.

Connect with other families and caregivers to socialize and broaden your support network with our list.

Monthly educational series by specialists and pediatric optometrists provide a wide range of topics including eye exams, encouraging visual stimulation, and a whole lot more. We also offer tips on ophthalmologist visits and visual simulation exercises.

This program is designed to increase braille literacy and foster a love of reading by providing blind and visually impaired children with FREE braille books and storybook kits throughout the year.

Any child who is visually impaired living in the United States or Canada is eligible to receive books from the Special Collection. VI teachers or educators may also subscribe to our Special Collection through our program: Partners in Literacy.

Visit Special Collection for more information and to subscribe.

We can also introduce you to other services offered by the organization including our Library services and our Youth Program (ages 7-19), which can continue to help your child reach their fullest potential after they have finished the Child Development Program.

For more information, call 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553).

Charlize has taught me how to see life colorfully as she is such a powerhouse; though she cannot see the world, I am confident she will someday teach the world how to see her rainbow.

Tiffany H.
Mother of
Charlize (3 years old)

How To Refer A Child

A parent/caregiver can refer a child/family to Braille Institute Child Development Services by calling (323) 906-3112, or by entering their information below:

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Watch our Make-at-Home Activity videos on our YouTube channel for children who are visually impaired