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Learn more about the new Omni-Sense Cane Tip, designed and built in Australia by Rotacaster. This new design will actually enhance the user’s experience compared to conventional cane tips by delivering heightened sensory and auditory feedback as they move across any type of terrain. Currently, the cane tips are available in Australia and are in trials here in the U.S.

Rotacaster’s unique Omni-Directional Wheel, known as “wheels within wheels” will not just eliminate the cost of replacing cane tips but improve the experience and connection of the tip to the user and the terrain they are on.

Ian Edwards, an Executive Chef in New South Wales who became legally blind in 2015, and Tim Strube, an engineer with Rotacaster in Australia, will share more of their story and experiences in a live conversation.

We welcome all participants! Please call 1800-BRAILLE (272-4553) with any questions. Our Los Angeles Center will be hosting this online seminar.

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