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The Pyramids of Giza. Stonehenge. The Temple of Karnak. Machu Picchu. Four of the greatest and most enduring monuments to mankind’s industry, ingenuity and faith. How were they built? What did it take to raise the huge towers of stone from the barren plains of Giza? How could the ancient Inca have carried massive stone blocks, weighing many tons, for dozens of miles to place them with mathematical precision one on top of another? The same questions remain for Stonehenge and Karnak. Here is your chance to learn some of the answers and plumb the minds of our inventive and amazing ancestors. This workshop is free for Braille Institute students and Library patrons. All others should contact Oasis at (619) 881-6262. The presenter for this workshop is Mark Carlson, Author, Aviation Historian and Oasis Lecturer.


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