Move-A-Thon Kick Off

Virtual Event CA

Join us virtually in this healthy and fun physical activity among the visually impaired and blind community! The virtual Move-A-Thon

How to Use the Lazarillo App

Virtual Event CA

Learn how to use Lazarillo app. The Lazarillo app guides the traveler, who is blind or visually impaired, through their

White Cane Awareness Day

Virtual Event CA

This is a day to celebrate “White Cane Awareness Day”. The Lions Club will be joining us and sharing how

Protective Techniques

Virtual Event CA

Protective techniques can selectively and effectively support safe travel with the white cane. Together we will review techniques and skills

Move-A-Thon Finish Line

Virtual Event CA

Share your accomplishments with the rest of the event participants and hear experiences from a diverse group of move-a-thon finishers!

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