Guide Dogs and Caring for Them

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Learn what it means to live with a guide/service dog partner: how to look after them, how to balance work and play time,

How to Stay Safe Online

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Whether you’re shopping online, checking email, or browsing social media, you should be aware of bad guys waiting to steal

Delivery Services: Uber Eats

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Learn all about Uber Eats delivery services. Find out what restaurants are available, how to get prescriptions delivered, and how

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Is a Guide Dog Right for You?

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Guide dog partners are trusted friends that offer new opportunities for interaction and greater independence. Learn if a guide dog

Seeing AI App

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Learn about a free app for iOS that narrates the world around you. Seeing AI uses the device camera to

Move-A-Thon Finish Line

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Share your accomplishments with the rest of the event participants and hear experiences from a diverse group of move-a-thon finishers!

Understanding Vision Loss

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As your vision changes due to Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy or other conditions, we offer FREE programs and services

Giving Up the Car Keys

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When is the right time to give up the car keys? Are you and others safe? What options are available

How Can BARD Help You?

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During this online workshop, you’ll learn how to instantly download audio books and magazines for free using the Braille and

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