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Holiday Card 2020 Transcript

First image:
A collage of nine snowflake artworks created by Braille Institute students.

Second image:
Snowflake artwork created by Braille Institute Students.

Tatiane Corri – Tatiana combined wooden snowflake cutouts with glitter, rhinestones, and gems to create sparkling effects. She used gold and violet brocade, with rainbow stripes of dripped paint to create textured backgrounds to photograph.

Stephanie Leathers – Stephanie sketched snowflake designs by hand and used heirloom metallic thread from Germany to stitch over the top of her intricate drawings.

Kathy Good – Kathy began with a blue background with expressive linework in white. She added embellishments for shimmer with metallic paints, pearls and rhinestones that glisten much like real snowflakes.

Tehara Algama – Tehara used acrylic paint and stencils on canvas to create a classic cobalt blue and white snowflake design.

Jan Friend – Using seashells collected near her home, Jan arranged tactile compositions in various colors and textures. Jan is also a photographer and fascinated with sculpture.

Karen Hensley – Karen works avidly with collage, and she created an analog collage with paper and magazine clippings, then added a blue overlay and rainbow colored snowflakes digitally.

Third image:
We are all unique like snowflakes dancing in light. Health and peace to all.

Original haiku written by Jan Friend, Braille Institute Student.

Wishing you a happy holiday season.
Braille Institute.