The Braille Institute logo appears against a red and green backdrop of snowflakes, stars and red and gold ornaments with headline: Holiday Gift List for Blind and Visually Impaired.
Looking to find the perfect gift for a family member or friend who is blind or visually impaired? Here is a selection of the best gifts for those with low to no vision. This holiday season give a gift that can enhance a loved one’s life.
Amazon Fire Tablet 7

Open a world
of free books

The Fire 7 Tablet is an affordable way to enjoy our Braille Audio Reading Download (BARD) program offered by our library so patrons can digitally download audio and e-Braille titles for free from an extensive collection.

Purchase the Fire 7 Tablet at

When you shop on through, Amazon will donate to Braille Institute at no cost to you.

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Assistive technology can change lives

The Echo Dot devices have been
described as “life-changing” for the blind and visually impaired. Using voice-commands, you can tell Alexa do a whole host of things such as set a reminder or make a phone call.

Purchase the Echo Dot at

Amazon Echo Dot

Not available at Braille Institute

Large Print Keyboard

Make using
technology easier

A Large Print Keyboard is one of the most-practical gifts anyone with visual impairments can receive and one they will likely use every day.

Call Vistas Store: (323) 906-3124

Bringing people

The holidays are all about bringing people together and one of the best ways to do that is playing card games.
Large print playing cards enable those who are losing their vision to keeping playing Bridge, Poker and other card games they love, with those they love.

Call Vistas Store: (323) 906-3124

Large Print Playing Cards

Carried by Braille Institute’s Vistas Store

Talking Watch

Keeping time

Our assortment of talking watches clearly speaks the time, sets an alarm, turns on and off hourly announcements.

Call Vistas Store: (323) 906-3124

For tactile

A convenient multi-pack that provides easy identification of items. Bump Dots allow a variety of uses from tactile marking of everyday items such as computer keyboards, telephone keypads, and multiple switches.

Call Vistas Store: (323) 906-3124

Tactile Items
Large Print Measuring Spoons

Cooking without

Large Print Measuring
Cups & Spoons
or Braille Measuring Cups & Spoons are great for the skilled chef or someone who is just starting to cook who has vision impairment as the large print allows those with low vision to see the numbers. Braille cups and spoons allow them to feel the amounts.

Call Vistas Store: (323) 906-3124

For youth

A convenient multi-pack that provides Blindfolded Twister Game The game that ties you up in knots now features textured shapes for a touch of mystery and loads of fun! In the Blindfolded Twister game, players still move to spots on the mat, but now they Blindfolded Twister Game play completely by touch and memory.

Purchase Blindfolded Twister

Blindfolded Twister

Not available at Braille Institute

Braille Alphabet Tiles

Not available at Braille Institute

For younger children

Braille Alphabet Tiles Explore the letters of the alphabet together using bright letters in an easy-to-read font invite finger tracing for kinesthetic learning.

Purchase Alphabet Tiles

A Beeping Foam Ball is a fun and interactive way for young children to play and stay active. Soft foam balls such as the one offered by are also safe to use inside.

Purchase the Beeping Foam Ball from

Beeping Foam Ball

Not available at Braille Institute

Where to buy

Many of the items featured above are available from
the Braille Institute Vistas Store at our Los Angeles Center.

741 N. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029

By Appointment

Telephone number to call for appointments:
(323) 906-3195

Telephone number to call to place orders/make purchases:
(323) 906-3124

Store Hours:
Monday – Friday, 10am – 3:30pm PST