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Nadine’s Story

To say that books are Nadine’s life would be an understatement. She’ll tell you herself.

“Since childhood, I have been an avid reader. Because of that interest and frequent use of libraries, I pursued a long-time career as a librarian.”

For 40 years, Nadine worked in various libraries from the public library, to a college library, to a medical library, and even Braille Institute’s Library, where she volunteered transcribing books into braille. Little did she know that she’d become a Braille Institute Library Patron later in her life.

“My eyesight started diminishing in 2013,” Nadine says. “It broke my heart when I could no longer read print.”

That’s when Nadine called Braille Institute. To her surprise, she was greeted by a friend from her days of volunteering who immediately signed Nadine up to be a Library Patron, ordered her an audiobook player, and explained how to order her chosen books.

Today, Nadine is once again volunteering in the Library. “I love being in a library on a regular basis,” she says. “Everyone who comes to use the Library gets so much out of it. Reading is something just about everyone does and loves — it is universally felt.”

“I am so grateful for Braille Institute,” Nadine says. “And everything I get is free. It’s so wonderful!”

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