National Library Week (NLW) is an annual celebration that started in 1958. NLW honors and highlights the essential role libraries, librarians, and library workers play in transforming lives and strengthening our communities. During the week of April 3rd, Braille Institute and many other organizations and individuals around the country will mark NLW and invite people to “Connect with Your Library.” There are many ways that you, too, can connect with your library which provides audio books and braille reading material for visually impaired!colorful blue, red and yellow image featuring the 2022 National Library Week theme "Connect with Your Library"

Our own Braille Institute Library Services continues to serve patrons with audio and braille reading material. You can connect with a Reader Advisor by giving us a call! Did you know that we now have access to more books in different languages? With the passage of the Marrakesh Treaty, libraries that serve the print disabled can exchange content with other countries. The Treaty gives us access to foreign published works in English and other languages. These titles are added to BARD regularly, so be on the lookout for more books!

You can also connect with your fellow library patrons by joining a book club! Our monthly book club for adults has been going strong for more than 20 years. The group meets on the last Wednesday of each month, engaging in lively discussions about the monthly selections. The Book Club started meeting remotely during the pandemic, so you can participate even if you can’t make it to the meetings in person! You can connect with a Reader Advisor to learn more about the LA Book Club or check with one of our regional Literacy Coordinators to hear about other book clubs!

Braille Institute celebrates the library throughout the entire month of April! You can participate in the NLW workshops we have scheduled from April 4-8, including Library 101 workshops, Connecting with Patrons, and meeting local authors. Click here to find out more about our NLW activities. You can connect with the library beyond NLW, too! You may stay in touch with your library via phone, email, or USPS mail anytime. Stay tuned for opportunities to meet new Library Director Lisa Lepore, participate in more workshops, talk to library staff, and connect with each other.

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