Close-up of a person's eye. Black and white with brown pupil.

About Vision Loss and Blindness

Any loss of sight other than total blindness is usually considered a visual impairment — not a disability. There is a wide range of vision exhibited by people who have a visual impairment. This can range from total blindness through various levels of increased blindness to total blindness, or the inability to perceive light or movement. [Read More…]

Blurry image of the ground, with a lake, buildings, and the sky in the background

Types of Vision Loss

Vision loss affects those older than 65, but many younger people also suffer from various forms of visual impairment. Here are several conditions that may lead to vision loss. [Read More…]

A man walking with a white cane toward some steps

Guide Techniques

There are many efficient, easy-to-learn ways to give meaningful assistance to someone who is visually impaired. For a century, Braille Institute has helped thousands of blind and visually impaired people of all ages develop the skills they need for effective orientation. [Read More…]