Portrait of Gary JimenezGary Jimenez is no stranger to Braille Institute. He began his career at Braille Institute in 1989 where he worked with the youth program and has returned after several decades of successful fundraising and nonprofit leadership.

“I’m inspired by the determination of those we serve, and I’m impressed with the passion and enthusiasm of the staff who work here,” Gary Jimenez said.

He is looking forward to working cohesively with each member of the philanthropy team to leverage their individual talents to ultimately raise more funds for Braille Institute’s programs and services.

The philanthropy team will develop a comprehensive and intentional donor engagement strategy that connects with donors and moves them along the entire giving spectrum.

Gary brings a breadth of experience working for regional and national organizations in senior fundraising and managerial roles. Most recently, Gary serves as Chief Development Officer at Jumpstart for Young Children.

In the coming year, Gary wants to make sure philanthropy takes the time to celebrate their many successes and support each other in the more challenging times.

“I’m looking forward to our Centennial year and the celebrations that are connected to this tremendous milestone,” he said. “This will be a fantastic opportunity to excite and motivate our base of friends and supporters. It will also serve as a valuable time for reflection and planning for our future.”