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Navigation with GoodMaps

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GoodMaps Explore is an accessible app available for Android and iPhone that can help you get around - even indoors!


Empowerment 4-Week Series

Virtual Event CA

Learn techniques to boost your confidence and protect yourself when put in a vulnerable position. The classes of Self Defense

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Apps for Stress Relief

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We all deal with stress, but there is stress relief available that we may not know about right in our

Technology in the Kitchen

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If you need help following recipes, identifying ingredients, and cooking, there are many easy-to-use technological solutions available. Come learn about

COVID-19 Scams

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Scammers have lost no time in finding ways to profit from COVID 19. They are using people’s fears, isolation and

California Telephone Access Program

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California Phones is a state mandated program that provides free telephone and accessories for California residents that have difficulty with

The Wide World of YouTube

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There is a wide range of content available for free on YouTube. Learn how to access the website accessibly using

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