Library Services

 Registered Library Patrons 31,083
 Books Circulated 943,050
 Depositories at Public Library Locations 1,446

Low Vision Services

 Low Vision Consultations 3,357

Adult Education and Counseling

 Adults Enrolled 2,397
 Contact Hours 168,307

Young Adults: Age 19 to 30

 Young Adults Enrolled 237
 Contact Hours 3,595

Youth Services: Ages 6 to 18

 Youths Enrolled335
 Contact Hours 22,859

Child Development: Infants through age 5

 Families/Children Served Primary Services310
 Hours of Service 6,511
 Medical Visits with families438
 Additional families served through parent groups66

Outreach Services

 Adults Enrolled3,339
 Contact Hours 23,781

Mobile Solutions Outreach

 Sites Visited265

National Programs

 The Braille Challenge
 Number of Participants1,106
 U.S. States & Canadian Provinces Represented 44
 Braille Special Collection
 Active Subscribers3,623
 Children’s Books & Story Kits Distributed 8,134
 Cane Quest 
 Total Number of Participants106
 Vision Connect 
 Total Phone Inquiries 2,131

Community Training Programs (number of people trained)

 Other Professionals2,454
 Eye Disease Seminar Attendees1,377

Volunteer Services

 Service Hours131,516