A Grandmother’s Smile is Remembered by All

Shelf of library booksOur new Library Services Director, Reed Strege, is thrilled to head up Braille Institute’s most popular free service— the nationally recognized Braille Institute Library, which serves 31,000 patrons.

One thing that will never change, he promises, is the Library’s commitment to the personal touch. 

Nate Streeper is a perfect example of that personal touch. As the Library Coordinator for our Santa Barbara Center, he enjoys helping patrons get the audiobooks they want.

One of Nate’s many patrons is 95-year-old Frances S. who used our library since 1987. An avid reader, she frequently ordered ten audiobooks at a time and always had a smile on her face when she came to pick up her books. “This is a wonderful service you provide,” she would exclaim.

Recently, her order came from her granddaughter.“My grandmother has gone into hospice care and wants her order mailed to her there so she can savor the moments left to her, inspired by the stories she loves,” says her granddaughter. Sadly, Frances passed away as this publication went to press.