Braille Books Changed This Child’s Life

AveryWhen she was just two months old, cancer was discovered in one of Avery’s eyes. Sadly, her eye had to be removed. Avery’s remaining eye has only fair vision, and doctors are closely monitoring its health.

“As first time parents, my husband Michael and I were overwhelmed about how to meet all of Avery’s needs,” says Avery’s mother, Kristy.

Thanks to the local school district, Kristy was referred to Braille Institute for help. Right away, Nancy Waldner, a Braille Institute Child Development Consultant, started visiting the family regularly, sharing ideas and resources and teaching Avery how to safely explore her world.

One of the most effective resources for Avery was a subscription to Braille Institute’s Special Collection— a series of braille books and storybook kits that are distributed free every four months to children who are blind or visually impaired throughout the U.S. and Canada. Avery’s parents felt it was important she learn braille in case she lost the vision in her second eye.

“Each book comes with a related toy, and each book is very stimulating for Avery,” says Kristy. Because of the books Avery, now 3 years old, received during the last two years, she already knows her numbers and letters in braille.

“The Special Collection books are like receiving a life-changing gift every four months. I love seeing Avery’s face light up every time she holds one,” says Kristy.